MaXimus Pro Quarter Folding Mini Trampoline Includes DVD Bar Bag Bands Weights

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Manufacturer Description

The MaXimus Pro folding Rebounder is probably the most robust and efficient mini fitness trampoline on the market. A nifty design allows it to be folded in half and then in to quarters for easy storage. Comes with storage/carry bag making it very easy to transport. The stabilization handle bar is easily fitted and will add extra support for the beginner. The high quality jumbo shape spring system gives you a very low impact and resilient bounce unlike cheap models. The package comes complete with amazing rebounding compilation DVD with 3 progressive workouts for beginners, intermediate and advance levels of fitness with a challenging and a fun abdominal/core workout and comprehensive stretch to ensure you increase your flexibility also. Specially designed resistance bands that clip on to the rebounder also come as part of this brilliant package including sand weights that can be used for extra resistance for body toning and increasing lean muscle for an even greater calorie burn! This rebounder is used by fitness professionals and sports men and women around the world because of its strong design and versatility providing an awesome cardio and strength training workouts. Exercising on the MaXimus Pro rebounder forces your core muscles to engage involuntary so your deep abdominal muscles (the muscles that give you a flat belly) are worked naturally and without effort! This rebounder is used by top athletes, physio's and holistic therapists as it is fantastic for strengthening joints and provides an effective lymphatic drainage and in doing so detoxifies your body. Fat cells store toxins and its these toxins that make you store more fat. If you detoxify by bouncing on the maXimus pro you will easily shift stubborn body fat and unwanted cellulite. If you are serious about looking and feeling great use the Maximus pro rebounder on 3 times per week to make you feel energized and invigorated. Lose weight the FUN way. Get the best results because you deserve the it!

Product Features

The unit is easily stored and transported as it folds in half and then in to quarters and comes with a neat carry/storage bag. Very popular with Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors. The MP Rebounder is used by many top sports men and women and elite athletes around the world as training on this versatile piece of kit can give them an edge over their opponents by increasing balance, coordination and core strength, including muscular strength and endurance. Package includes stability bar, new modern high energy rebounding DVD with 3 amazing fun workouts for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels and bonus core and stretch workout to ensure you get great results and burn 1000's of calories. Our rebounding programmes are presented by UK Rebound Master trainers. The workouts are very motivating and provide an excellent cardio vascular workout and also toning, conditioning and flexibility exercises. The MaXimus Pro Rebounder is one of the USA's top selling mini trampolines as it is extremely robust, a great unique folding design, very low impact, and delivers amazing fitness benefits and health efficacies! Can take 300lb person. The reason why people choose our rebounder is because unlike cheap mini trampoline toys, the Maximus Pro Rebounder is made of high quality expensive component parts and it is built to last. Supplied with a full warranty and all component parts are replaceable.. Watch Video clip of Health Benefits - Giant jumbo coiled springs and double cross stitched mat gives a very resilient and low impact and quiet bounce. Research shows that our rebounder reduces shock of impact by more than 87% compared to working out on a hard wood floor. Our perfectly balanced rebounder will increase stability in your joints by strengthening stabilizing muscles and research has shown that rebounding on a well sprung rebounder can increase bone density. Our rebounder is very effective when used to alleviate symptoms associated with lymphoedema due to the positive drainage effect on the lymphatic system. Specially designed resistance bands with karabiner clip on to the springs for great toning work, and package also comes with sand weights for extra resistance making this the best value rebounder fitness package on the market. Non marking rubber feet. The MP Rebounder is 40inches across (standard size) when set up and folds down very small for storage. Spring loaded legs take seconds to set up and fold down. Friendly and helpful customer support is always offered by our team of professional health practitioners

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