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Manufacturer Description

Build your body goal as you start getting fit and toned with Marcy Smith Machine. This machine is an all-in-one gym equipment that offers a full body workout. It features a variety of fitness exercises to tone and strengthen the core, thighs, arms, and legs. Power up your lower body muscles with the Smith style press bar and cable crossovers and strengthen the lower body muscles with the leg developer.

This multi-functional machine will help you target different body parts that you want to focus on. For thighs and legs training, the bottom pulley and leg developer allow you to target the hams, quads and glutes. Meanwhile, for the chest and shoulder area, you may do some crossover workouts via the steel aircraft cable system, pull-up bars, and cross pulleys.

This equipment is highly adjustable in so many ways. It features a removeable bench to have a full range of strength exercises. Its padded seat is adjustable to multiple different positions which include incline, flat, and decline chest press positions. The Smith style press bar also has adjustable safety stops and bar catches.

Marcy Smith Machine is a multi-function cage made of 14-gauge square steel tubing. It is durable and safe to use as it features an adjustable back pad for additional support and a foot plate to pair with your bottom pulley, preventing possible damages and injuries in the body. For proper installation and safer use, check out the manual provided before assembling or starting a routine.

Save time and make it more convenient for you to workout. With Marcy Combo Smith Machine, you don’t have to leave your home to get your body toned!

Combining the safety of a Smith machine with the versatility of a cable crossover, the Marcy SM4008 is an all-in-one fitness powerhouse. Made of oversized 14-gauge square steel tubing, the SM4008 combines the best of both worlds, helping you increase your muscle mass, strength, and stamina. The machine starts with a Smith-style press bar that includes adjustable safety stops and outside-the-frame bar catches. Safer than conventional free-weight stacks, the Smith design acts as a built-in spotter, so you don?t need to scramble to find a family member each time you want to do a bench press. You can also remove the utility bench to perform squats and other spotter-required leg exercises.

Also included in the SM4008 is an independent-motion upper pulley system for cable crossovers. You can perform a variety of upper body exercises with the cables, including independent motion butterfly for your chest, tricep pulldowns, back extensions, and more. The independent cable system includes nylon pulleys reinforced with sealed bearings, 1-inch chrome guide rods, and steel aircraft cables rated at a tensile strength of 2,000 pounds. The SM4008 is just getting started, however, as it also comes with a footplate to facilitate seated rows; a total leg developer that tones and strengthens your quads, hamstrings, and glutes; and a chin-up bar for pull-ups and other back exercises. And, of course, the utility bench is fully adjustable, with options for incline, flat, and decline chest press positions. To ensure maximum comfort, the seat and back pad are made of boxed upholstery with high-density foam.

The SM4008--which includes two Olympic weight plate storage posts on either side of the frame (weight plates not included)--carries a two-year warranty.

Product Features

Assembled dimensions: 98L x 59W x 82H in. Made of oversized square tubing steel Smith-style press bar Accepts weight bar size of 7 feet Independent motion, upper pulley crossover design

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