Jump Rope :: Skipping Ropes for Workout and Speed Skip Training :: Best Jumping Rope for Cardio Fitness Exercise :: Includes 2 Bonus E-Books

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Your search for the perfect Jump Rope is officially over! When you purchase the King Athletic Jump Rope today, here's what you should do... When that little package from Amazon arrives at your door, rip it open the first chance you get. Take out the Jump Rope and admire the rich description on the packaging. You're mere seconds away from holding the top-rated jump rope in your hands.

Now unravel the Jump Rope and say hello to your top new fitness tool. Note the ergonomically designed handles and the premium quality materials. Place the grips in your hands and stand with the rope behind you. As you rotate your arms to initiate movement, take the first, exhilarating jump.

As you jump, notice the smooth rotation and that classic wiping jump rope sound. Notice how the handles ensure a firm grip that doesn't exhaust your wrists and helps you jump on and on... Its quality guarantees you will work out with it for years to come. Your Jump Rope is now your go-to fitness accessory; you'll exercise whenever you want, the way you're supposed to.

It's because of all the top effort we've put into creating this Jump Rope that we are able to offer you a guarantee unlike any other you've seen. Try this jump rope and if you don't feel it was worth every penny you've invested, we will refund your purchase in full. We also include a lifetime warranty with a promise that if your jump rope becomes damaged, we'll send you a brand new one - no questions asked.

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Product Features

✅ 200% RETURN ON INVESTMENT GUARANTEED - We offer a better than money back guarantee! How great is that? If there are any issues with your product, we will SEND YOU A NEW ONE and give you a FULL REFUND! See product packaging for more details. ✅ **DUAL E-BOOK PACK** (usually $36) - Get 2 eBooks which outline a number of great techniques for taking your workouts and nutrition to the next level! ✅ EXCEEEDS EXPECTATIONS - This jump rope will help you build endurance, stamina and speed while improving your muscles tone throughout your entire body! It is a classic favorite amongst Boxing, MMA, and Cross Training enthusiasts. ✅ ADJUSTABLE LENGTH - Enjoy the option to adjust the rope easily to your desired length. It takes less than 5 minutes! The standard rope is 9'4" in length and designed for individuals as tall as 6'10". This is a great rope to take when traveling or to the gym as it fits easily into your bag without taking up space or kinking up. ✅ BUILT TO LAST - Custom molded foam grips come with super-speed ball bearings that ensures smooth, effortless and even rotation. This skip rope is built to withstand HEAVY-DUTY use.

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