Fitaboo Balance Board Elite - Intermediate to Advanced Wobble Board. Improve Balance, Strength & Core Muscles. Perfect Balance Trainer for Any Sport.

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Manufacturer Description

The Fitaboo Elite balance board is an intermediate wobble board. This a challenging board that offers a wide range of motion to help you improve your balance, coordination, and strength. Our unique design creates a highly unstable surface which is ideal for athletes who want to strengthen their core muscles, prevent injury and improve their overall balance.

Balance Board training has been used for decades by sports medicine specialists to rehabilitate and treat a wide range of injuries to the foot, ankle, shin, calf, knee, hip and trunk. It can help you with the later stages of your rehabilitation from injury, and if you're healthy, it's proven to prevent injury.

Core muscles are used in everything we do: playing sports, shopping, walking, sex, dancing, swimming, golf, football, or gardening. Athletes incorporate balance board training to strengthen their bodies in order to perform better while preventing injury or to restore functional strength.

Size: 15.75" x 15.75" in diameter. The height of the board is 4-inches; has integrated handles for carrying or push-ups.

Made from ThermoPlastic Rubber (TPR), Polypropylene (PP). This wobble disc is stable, sturdy and durable. Our wooden wobble disc is superior to flimsy plastic balance boards that bend. Our unique design keeps it stable while remaining lightweight. Also, very easy to clean. Designed with a rubber anti-skid surface on the bottom that resists slipping on smooth floors.

Perfect for intermediate to advanced users, or, use during the late stages of rehabilitation or physical therapy. Great for the office. It can also be used as a foot rest under your desk.

Our Elite balance board is designed to improve core abdominal strength and allows you to perform a variety of workouts and exercises. It's lightweight, durable and suitable for muscle strengthening and plank exercises, which target all areas of the body.

Product Features

BETTER BALANCE: Get strong on your feet. Reduce dangerous falls. Strengthen your balance muscles and core. Perfect for seniors, women, kids, boys, girls and men. Everyone can benefit. Physical therapists and athletic trainers are common users of a wobble board, but it's also recommended for anyone who wants to maintain their balance and core strength. VERSATILE: Used to develop balance, motor coordination skills, weight distribution and overall core strength. A useful piece of exercise equipment to prepare people, before and after they reach old age, and helping you to avoid injury inducing falls. Also, suited for athletes to prevent sports injuries, especially to the ankle and knee. Adding balance training into your daily routine leads to improved posture and greater confidence in sports and daily activities. BALANCE & STABILITY TRAINING: For intermediate to Advanced users. Our Fitaboo wooden wobble board is just what the doctor ordered. A practical prescription for treating or preventing ankle sprains. Improving your balance can affect your biomechanics, and overall coordination. Made from ThermoPlastic Rubber (TPR), Polypropylene (PP), our balance board can support up to 242 lbs and will remain stable and rigid the whole time. This is a high quality wobble board that will benefit you for years to come. EXERCISES: The basic exercise is standing on the wobble board with both feet and tilting in any direction without letting the board tilt so far that its edge touches the ground. Some of the many other common exercises are squats; standing on the board with one foot while keeping the other foot off the ground - and also push-ups; and sit-ups are advanced exercises to increase your strength. Motor Skill Training, One Leg Exercises, Kneeling Exercises, Abdominal Training, Balanced Push-ups, side-to-side, front-to-back. Functional strength training will improve all aspects of your life. REHABILITATION: Our balance disc is an excellent fitness accessory for the rehabilitation of ankle injuries, or other types of injuries, such as ankle sprains, hip injuries and other lower leg injuries. Improving your balance (or proprioception) - your body's internal sense of the positioning and motion of your joints is recommended as an excellent way to treat or prevent injuries. One study found that healthy people as old as 90 years old can reduce the tendency to fall by 50% through balance training. It's not hard to see that this can help keep people independent and mobile far longer.

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