Calf Compression Sleeve - BeVisible Sports Men and Women's Leg Compression Sleeves - True Graduated Compression - Calf Guard Shin Splints Sleeves - Great for Basketball, Running, Baseball, Walking, Cycling, Training and Travel - Boosts Circulation - Aids

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BeVisible Sports Calf Compression Sleeves

You work hard and train hard. You demand the best out of yourself. And you expect the same excellence from the products you use. At BeVisible Sports, we share the same view.

Our calf sleeves are made of the best quality compression fabrics that are durable & comfortable. They have wide anti slip straps and offer true graduated compression.

Why is this important?

Graduated compression has the highest compression occurring near the ankles, with progressively lower compression as you move to the top of the sleeve.
This pressure gradient ensures that the de-oxygenated blood goes back from the legs to the heart more easily, boosting circulation, reducing fatigue & aiding recovery.

Each of our compression calf sleeves are extensively tested on sophisticated machines to ensure they meet our exacting standards. Proper compression calf sleeves offer the following benefits:

- Warm up safely and quickly
- Greater muscle support
- Helps fight muscle fatigue, calf cramps, calf pain, shin splints, leg cramps and build up of lactic acid.
- Protects from minor scratches, knocks, edema and varicose veins
- Boosts circulation and helps you recover faster

The calf compression sleeves have so may uses - Running - Jogging - Walking - Cross-fit - Marathon - Triathlon - Pregnancy - Maternity - Yoga - Pilates - Soccer - Football - Basketball - Baseball - Ice Hockey - Field Hockey - Lacrosse - Cycling - Triathletes - Hiking - Skiing - Field Sports - Nursing - Medical - Doctor - Hospitality - Construction - Retail - Travel

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Product Features

IT JUST WORKS!! Wouldn't it be great to be able to train harder, recover faster & feel stronger? Now you can. Our compression sleeves have true graduated compression for improved performance & support. They help boost circulation in your legs & reduce muscle soreness for faster recovery afterwards. Many other sleeves just have tight elastic bands that leave deep welts in your skin. Make sure any calf compression sleeve you buy has true graduated compression as it is this that makes all the difference. Our compression sleeves are extensively factory tested to ensure the optimal graduated compression at all points. SIZE FOR PERFECT, COMFORTABLE FIT - our wide 1.2 inch anti slip strap ensures the leg compression sleeves fit just right and do not slip down your leg whilst running or playing. SIZE - These calf sleeves are suitable for men, women and young adults up to 6' 05 in height with Calf Size (measured as a circumference at the thickest point in your calves) between 12 inches to 16.5 inches - note that calf size is the KEY measure for fit - please see image for sizing (wait for our XL range if you have larger calves). Look good & feel great wearing the sleeves. SUITS VARIOUS SPORTS, FITNESS ACTIVITIES & EVERYDAY USE - Moisture wicking material, light weight, classic weave of our sleeves best supports calf and shins, a must have for running, cycling, basketball, baseball, volleyball, martial arts, cross fit, training and work outs or any fitness activities. These are perfect for low or high impact exercises enabling you to warm up safely & recover quickly. The calf sleeves are also great for every day use especially for people in retail, nursing, travel, hospitality & jobs that require you to be on your feet a lot. GET RELIEF NOW + RECOVER FASTER - Do you suffer from shin splints, calf pain or swellings in the feet? Do you travel a lot or are on your feet all day? If yes you'll love our compression sleeves. These shin splint compression sleeves aid in mitigating shin splints, preventing calf cramps, protects legs from minor scratches & knocks. Use the compression sleeves along with the tips, exercises we provide to reduce pain, get relief & boost recovery from shin splints & calf pains. Many customers have provided 5 star reviews reporting full relief from pain & swellings in the leg and also quick recovery from shin splints. GREAT VALUE + 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - sold as a pair (many others provide just one sleeve). For a Limited Time You Can Now Buy 2 Pairs Of Calf Sleeves (One Pair For Training + One Pair For Recovery) for just $39 + Get Free Shipping! Enter The Code 2FOR39CA at Checkout. IMPORTANT - Please note that Digital Focus Sales are the ONLY AUTHORIZED sellers of these Calf Compression Sleeves on Know that when you buy from us today, you are covered by our 90 days, money back satisfaction guarantee and world class customer service!!

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